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Oxygize Portable Oxygen Cylinder (Citrus Burst)


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  • Oxygize is a pure, natural and portable can filled with 10 liter compressed oxygen gas. Now the world can easily access the pure oxygen gas. Oxygize is a lightweight portable canister that you can carry anywhere and everywhere. Its your daily companion. Its come with an innovative cap which acts as a mask for easy use and reduced wastage.
  • Oxygize consists of pure oxygen which is safest for breathing. By inhaling 2 or 3 puff, it maintains your oxygen level at normal.
  • Oxygize instantly increase the oxygen level in your body and helps the body to recover and recharge. It maintains body and brain function to normal. A It provides instant relief from headache and hangover but primarily it reduces stress in anticipation of mental tension. It elevates your state of mind, so that you are able to think clear and better. To make your days brighter and more enjoyable, you have to try this new arrival!
  • Oxygize refreshes you in a way that you can work better and focus more. Guess? It calms your mind with the natural oils. Oxygize gives and Instant remedy for headache, nausea and jetlag. Reduce stomach ache and soothe digestive issue.
  • It’s very effective in everyday problems like for Sports Recovery, Breathlessness, Pollution or High altitude where oxygen level is low. It works like first aid life saver if you suffer from any respiratory disorders such as Asthma, C.O.P.D, etc. Reduces cramping, faster aerobic recovery, combats stress, fatigue, hangover remedy.
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